Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Teaching Listening

Hello, everyone! This is my first entry on the teaching of the language skills. This time, on listening. I've reviewed a range of ELT textbooks and created a glog. On it you'll see a number of book pages containing 1 or 2 listening tasks - just look for those in each case, ignore the other tasks. Next to each page, I've included a bubble which states the kind of listening text learners are exposed to and the task they have to carry out, e.g. listening for gist, for details, etc. This is just a sample of the range of listening texts and aims/reasons we can exploit in our classrooms. I'm sure there are many more. If you can think of others or you just want to comment on my selection, you're welcome. Hope you like it!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Teaching Grammar

Hi there! This time with a mindmap as part of my discussion of Hedge's chapter 5 (Teaching Grammar). You'll see 5 reasons given by John & Liz Soars, the authors of Headway, to explain the prominence of grammar in their materials. I discussed briefly some views for and against each of their reasons. Feel welcome to comment on these or any other views you may have as to why we should teach grammar in our classes. Thanks!

You can also see the mindmap at:

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Teaching Vocabulary

For my discussion of Hedge's chapter 4 (Vocabulary), I reviewed three coursebooks used with different levels of learner. I've listed the different types of procedure for teaching vocabulary which I considered were representative of some of the best techniques available.
Hope you can suggest other ways!

Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary

Monday, 11 October 2010

Class Observation # 4: Managing Pair work

Hello people! This time I carried out an observation on the skills needed to manage pair work. Quite a rewarding lesson this one has been! (at least for me!) I was able to observe a skill I had been eager to for a long time. And the results were quite productive. Of course, there are always things that don't go as neat and tidy as we teachers thought of when planning the lesson. However, I believe that this teacher succeeded in getting students to work very well, and she herself showed some skills I'd like to develop in my own teaching. Thanks M!
I hope you can give me some feedback on what I found out. Remember, you don't have to read everything. Just look for the points that you seem to be interested in and comment on those! Thanks for contributing!
The report is based on an observation task sheet taken from 'Classroom Oservation Tasks', by Ruth Wajnryb (CUP)Observation Report # 4 - Managing Pair Work

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Class Observation # 3: Teaching Listening

Hello everyone! Here I am again posting a new report after observing a neat lesson where some listening practice was done. This was quite an organised and successful lesson and it allowed me to concentrate on the practicalities of teaching an often daunting language skill. The way this teacher carried out the work on listening showed me more than ever that following a careful sequence of pre-, while-, and post-listening can greatly assist our learners in developing their listening skills: it's a more realistic, supportive, and specially benefitial model for our students. I'll be bearing this in mind next time I listen to something with my own students.
Comments welcome!

Observation Report # 3 - Teaching Listening