Thursday, 14 October 2010

Teaching Grammar

Hi there! This time with a mindmap as part of my discussion of Hedge's chapter 5 (Teaching Grammar). You'll see 5 reasons given by John & Liz Soars, the authors of Headway, to explain the prominence of grammar in their materials. I discussed briefly some views for and against each of their reasons. Feel welcome to comment on these or any other views you may have as to why we should teach grammar in our classes. Thanks!

You can also see the mindmap at:

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  1. SIMPLY LOVED YOUR MINDMAP, Rod! The images made an extra difference, I'd say... Must have taken you ages to find them!

    When looking at the arguments against "grammar as a generating mechanism", I immediately thought of Lewis's argument that language is in fact "grammaticalised lexis"!

    That's all for now!