Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Teaching Vocabulary

For my discussion of Hedge's chapter 4 (Vocabulary), I reviewed three coursebooks used with different levels of learner. I've listed the different types of procedure for teaching vocabulary which I considered were representative of some of the best techniques available.
Hope you can suggest other ways!

Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary

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  1. That was a complete overview indeed,Rodrigo! 8-)!

    You very wisely observe that "adding more and more words can at a point demotivate or tire some learners". I'd like to go further and rephrase it as "adding more and more lexical items WILL rather sooner than later be counterproductive for ALL learners". As teachers, I guess that's exactly where we can make a difference: by keeping focused on our learners, we can see when it's beneficial for them to go on working on expanding their vocabulary, and when to move onto something else. Whenever that is, it'll certainly be before WE feel it's time to stop! ;-)
    Keep it up!