Monday, 11 October 2010

Class Observation # 4: Managing Pair work

Hello people! This time I carried out an observation on the skills needed to manage pair work. Quite a rewarding lesson this one has been! (at least for me!) I was able to observe a skill I had been eager to for a long time. And the results were quite productive. Of course, there are always things that don't go as neat and tidy as we teachers thought of when planning the lesson. However, I believe that this teacher succeeded in getting students to work very well, and she herself showed some skills I'd like to develop in my own teaching. Thanks M!
I hope you can give me some feedback on what I found out. Remember, you don't have to read everything. Just look for the points that you seem to be interested in and comment on those! Thanks for contributing!
The report is based on an observation task sheet taken from 'Classroom Oservation Tasks', by Ruth Wajnryb (CUP)Observation Report # 4 - Managing Pair Work

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