Friday, 3 December 2010

Class Observation # 7: The Learner as Doer

This is my last observation report (for now!). In this lesson, I decided to focus on the activities the students carried out as a way of looking at them as 'doers', people who learn best by being actively involved in doing something with the language. The report is based on a task from Ruth Wajnryb's book and, in her view, 'active learning allows learning to be more personal and more memorable and for these reasons, is more effective.' That's why the need to come up with a range of activities which demand different things from students. That's only the beginning. Then we need to ensure that we 'sell' the activity to them. Motivating and engaging learners to do the activities is another kettle of fish! Take a look and tell me how you go about managing different types of activities and how you engage your students in them.

Observation Report # 7 - The Learner as a Doer

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