Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pairwork & Groupwork in the Communicative Classroom

I designed the following mindmap after reading Hedge's chapter 2 on 'the communicative classroom'. As she explains, this 'type' of classroom will involve learners in face-to-face encounters. The most common form in which these occurr is through interaction in small groups, i.e. pair and group work. In th mindmap, you'll find some of the advantages and disadvantages when applying this kind of tasks in class and some tips for their implementation. Be sure to add your own tips and ideas!

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  1. What a lovely mindmap, Ro! Not sure I can add any thoughts to that, but I'd like to share my experience... To me, the main obstacle to pairwork and groupwork is how responsible students feel for their own learning... Anyway, I'm convinced teaching them to work like in pairs and groups is one of our main objectives as educators, since they're bound to need to work in these ways all throughout their lives!

    See you around!